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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Name this hat design, please...

Despite my best efforts, I am unable to create a name that I like for this hat design. So, I've created a contest through the Etsy Promotions Forum.

The person whose design name I pick will win $18 worth of merchandise from my Etsy yarn shop. I'm officially hosting this contest through the Etsy Promotions Forum, but you can leave your suggestion here in the comments, and I'll make sure you're included.

You may suggest as many names as you'd like. The contest is running until 9pm (Pacific Daylight Time, USA) on March 29, 2011. I will post the winning name then.

(Any post submission implies full rights for me (Alpaca Creations and The Alpaca Yarn Shop) to use the chosen design name without further due compensation beyond the $18 free gift. Any submissions found to be violating valid Trademarks will be null and void.)

Good luck!


  1. my suggestion: Aurora Dancer

    thanks for the fun. :)

  2. Alpine Alpaca Hat

    RavID: twelfth-night

  3. My suggestion is 'Starry Night'

    Rav Id - babyloveknit

  4. Girl's Best Friend

  5. Thank you for making it easier to participate.:-)
    Boy, I love the colors you chose! First thought that popped into mind was: BRAIDED BLISS

    Second thought: STAR BRIGHT

    I haven't read the other entries, so hope I havn't duplicated and that two names on the same post is the thing to do.

    I love knitting with alpaca yarn and would love to try some of yours. :-)

    Zowmom on Ravelry

  6. My suggestion is KOZY KALEIDOSCOPE

  7. I could see it on a skier going down a hill with the braided tassel streaming behind. I have to go with "Black Diamond" or "Fluttering in the Wind"

  8. I immediately thought of
    Northern Lights, colors dancing in the night sky!

  9. Jumping Jack...the first thing I thought of was someone doing jumping jacks! =}


    (It's Aurora Borealis in Swedish. Because the pattern (in that yarn) looks like Aurora Borealis - that can be seen in the north of Sweden).

    /Stickfia at Ravelry