Welcome! The alpacas and farm life have become my constant teachers, and I have begun shifting my blog focus to reflect the lessons I am learning. I plan to share more thoughts and stories related to farm life in Grays Harbor County and carve out a space in the ethernet where one can stop, breathe, and think.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm heading south tomorrow for Alpacapalooza, which takes place this Saturday and Sunday. This will be my first year attending, so I'm very excited to watch the halter shows, attend seminars, and meet all of the other alpaca enthusiasts in attendance.

I was lucky to be able to attend a recent seminar on judging fleece characteristics and will be continuing my education as a volunteer for the fleece show this weekend. I'm also entering my Kaleidosnow hat and some handpsun yarn into the Fiber Arts competition. It's not about blue ribbons, right? But that would be way cool.

Stay tuned for a full update next week when I return...

Ciao for now,

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