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Saturday, June 18, 2011

11 Hours...23 Alpacas. Shearing Day, 2011.

Our grey Suri girls wait patiently for their new 'dos.
Our first shearing day at our ranch has now come and gone. Phew! Volunteering at other ranches certainly helped with preparing for the big event, but you never really quite understand all of the work involved until you do it yourself.

Let me begin with a HUGE THANK YOU to our family and friends who came to help with the animals, take pictures, set up food, babysit, and support our endeavors. When a job needed doing, someone was there to jump in and get it done. It definitely takes a village, and we are grateful for ours. And an extra shout out to Karen and Ellen, the die-hard ladies who stayed for the entire 11 hours. Yikes! We promise to offer smaller shifts next year.

Another thank you to Franc and "Bear" of First Cut Shearing. We never would have gotten through the day without their calm professionalism and willingness to teach.

Now, enjoy the show...

First up...Pearl, Jasmine, Anna, and Carmella.
Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Jasmine on deck.
Pearl's first hair cut.
Shearing the blanket fiber.
A quick fleece lesson.
"Noodling" the blanket fiber for skirting later.
Just a little off the top (and a lot off the bottom).
Those sure are funny looking deer!

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