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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paca Pedicures

We finished trimming the alpacas' toenails this week. Not a glamorous job, mind you, but a necessary one. Their nails do not get worn down on our soft pasture, and, just like humans, the nails will continue to grow and even start to curl if not regularly maintained.
Alpacas have 2 toes on each foot, which doesn't seem like much until you're the one holding on to the 150 pound animal while they express their displeasure with their legs being touched. I do the holding, while my husband does the clipping. If you're into isometric workouts, I highly recommend this.

Sarcasm aside, it is, of course, an imperative that we maintain the health and well being of our animals. That is why we invite people who are interested in someday owning alpacas to spend a day on our farm. We share everything we know and encourage our guests to actually do some of the tasks that would be required of them as ranchers. Here is a photo of (you guessed it) a recent toenail trimming lesson.

Tooth trimming is next on the agenda. Can't wait! More on that later...

Ciao for now,

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