Welcome! The alpacas and farm life have become my constant teachers, and I have begun shifting my blog focus to reflect the lessons I am learning. I plan to share more thoughts and stories related to farm life in Grays Harbor County and carve out a space in the ethernet where one can stop, breathe, and think.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alpaca Fun Facts

Hello! I'm Lynn, locally known as The Alpaca Lady. I fell in love with these gentle, adorable creatures many years ago and have since become obsessed with alpaca fiber. Knit, crochet, spin, felt, process - yes, I do it all.

Although alpacas are now enjoying more name recognition, I'm sure many people have yet to encounter one in person. So...

Here are 4 fun facts about alpacas to file away for your next party conversation starter:
  • Alpacas, despite having "pac" in their name, are not pack animals. Their llama relatives do the heavy lifting.
  • Alpacas come in 2 flavors - Huacaya and Suri (no relation to the Cruise family). Huacaya alpacas produce fiber that is soft and fuzzy, while Suri fiber is silky and hangs in dreadlocks.
  • Alpaca fiber is as fine as cashmere and lighter/warmer than sheep's wool. It is also lanolin-free, making it a great choice for children or people who are sensitive to wool. 
  • Male alpacas make a sound known as "orgling" while mating. Imagine hearing grandpa gargling ecstatically in the bathroom. Yep. That's about right.
Ciao for now,


  1. Lynn, Welcome to blog land! I love your description of orgling! That is too funny!

  2. You're blog is off to a good start Lynn!! I love the alpaca facts (the picture is super cute) and can't wait to learn more....alpaca is fast becoming one of my favorite fibers :)